Painting Research

informal searching(s) and findings

Found Artist: George Hughes

George Hughes, Fall Trees Glowing, 24 x 18 in, acrylic and oil on   canvas. 2010.

Why not paint when you think you can do better! Sometimes, ideas just come to him, says George. George paints when he is visually inspired or encouraged by source materials, and subject matter includes an assortment of birds, animals, landscapes, harbour scenes, and portraits. Two paintings I purchased from him recently (below) show his different approaches and changing color schemes. In Fall Trees Glowing, 2010, on canvas, the black line scratches defines tree trunks and branches, cardinals, canary, and pheasant. The painting is bracketed by light iridescent purple. In the first painting I purchased, The Pheasant, is captured in shallow waters, birch trees and sun(rise or set). Here the loose painting give the impression of the alert bird and the presence of possible danger (the hunter). As a resident, George finds, asks, purchases, or is given surface materials such as, box cardboard, stretched canvases, or already framed paintings that he paints over (or improves, as he says) etc.  He donates his paintings for fundraisers. George is a resident at a extended care centre, and a neighbour of my mother’s. I hope to see more of his work soon, and learn more about his paintings.

George Hughes, The Pheasant, 12 x 16 in. acrylic on presentation board. 2009c

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